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The distributed nature of industrial applications requires a new approach to unlock the potential of IIoT. We provide turnkey solutions in condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and asset optimization that makes use of all available trends.

Edge analytics

Centrally processing data is challenging and expensive in many industrial applications. Analysis, inference, and learning is best conducted at the data source — in the plant or at the field site.

Maintainable field hardware

The operational demands from industrial, automotive, and mobile applications are significant. While it is not possible to future-proof cyber-physical systems, it is important to provide flexibility in software and hardware architecture to ensure a maintainable deployment in the field.

Flexible connectivity

Depending on the application, IIoT deployments may need to be either integrated with, or air-gapped from existing IT/OT infrastructure. Providing the necessary connectivity through new solutions such as LPWAN or existing infrastructure is essential in widespread deployment in green and brown field applications.

Enterprise-grade security

Industrial applications have a unique set of risks associated with information security. With the many layers in the technology stack, cyber-physical systems have to be deployed and operated with a high level of attention to security and scalable methods to address future vulnerabilities.

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