SecureWave on LoRaWAN

Long-range low-power connectivity for industrial applications

Fit-for-purpose system design

LoRaWAN specifications are both broad and flexible to satisfy the requirements of vastly different IIoT deployments. Selecting the right network architecture is key for successful field deployments.

Scalable deployment

The tooling and the ecosystem make it easy to try out LoRaWAN in proof-of-concept deployments. However, transitioning from proof-of-concept to commercial deployments still require careful planning and design.

Secure field hardware

To support low power, limited bandwidth applications in a secure and maintainable manner SecureWave platform allows for modular over-the-air firmware updates and customizable edge analytics modules.


LoRaWAN network architecture

Rheidiant has deployed a variety of LoRaWAN networks with varying architectures to satisfy the requirements of each application. These requirements may dictate how new devices are provisioned, where the data is processed, where it is consumed and how mobile devices will be connected to the network.

Field Deployed Network Server

The simplest architecture. The LoRaWAN network server is deployed in the gateways. It is more suitable for small deployments and deployments where internet connectivity is intermittent.

Cloud Deployed Network Server

Ideal for enterprise-scale deployments of LoRaWAN. Each end device is provisioned on the backend, allowing them to connect to the network from any field gateway.

Hybrid Deployment

Similar to a cloud deployed network server, the end devices are centrally provisioned. However, each field gateway acts as a network server. The main benefit of this architecture is that it allows for field processing of application data.


Field Hardware

One of the key enablers for LoRaWAN is its battery powered devices that can operate maintenance-free for multiple years. This extended battery life is only possible if the network use of each device is minimized.

The security requirements of oil and gas and industrial applications can only be supported with updatable device firmware at scale. SecureWave end devices are deployed with modular over-the-air updatable firmware.

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