Asset to enterprise connectivity with the SecureWave IIoT Service

With the right deployment, Industrial Internet of Things can unlock business value, improve safety and help companies manage risk.

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Lightweight field network

Long-range low-power field network that minimizes the required networking hardware as well as deployment and operational costs

Enterprise grade security

On premises or private cloud deployments that minimize surface area with legacy OT infrastructure

Machine learning

Highly customized proprietary algorithms that analyze, automate, and optimize field operations

Edge analytics

Low power, yet powerful, field hardware with numerous digital and analog interfaces enable tight control loops and other algorithms


Deploy with ease in the field…

Our universal wireless nodes are compatible with many process control sensors. Whether in a new deployment or a retrofit, real-time monitoring is a straightforward implementation.


... and in the office.

Multi-platform cloud-based solution accessible through web, phone or tablet. Application centric analytics tools, intuitive data visualization and executive dashboard.